The paintings shown here are improvisational compositions of color and motion, meant to convey feelings related to people, places or events, from recent memories and the distant past.  The paintings are physical representations of moods and rhythms, expressing drama or subtlety, excitement or calm, joy or sadness in a multilayered visual experience that, when successful, evokes the original inspiration with unforeseen richness and depth.

This most recent work has been a mix of purely abstract pieces based on a particular state of mind and semi-abstracted works reflecting a more recent interest in evoking a sense of place — a rainy Maine road, a snowy Massachusetts field, Walden Pond in spring. During the process of painting, the specifics of place are both hidden and revealed. 

These newer paintings also reflect an increased interest in a looser, more fluid surface to allow for spontaneous mark-making, more nuanced layering and a lighter, defter touch with the paint itself. Additionally,  I have found myself working at extremes of scale, creating very large canvases that encourage the viewer to be absorbed by and look deeply into the work as well as smaller works that offer a more intimate glimpse into a moment or place.  

My work has been exhibited locally and nationally and is held in private collections around the country.  

In addition to pursuing painting over the years, I’ve worked as a designer, art director, creative director and consultant for several of the world’s leading publications and corporations, including the New York Times, Newsweek and Fortune magazines. I currently run my own firm, Complex Stories